Lugar sentado is a family-owned business that can boast of the values and experience accumulated over decades in the development and construction of cutting-edge furniture.

The creativity and innovativeness of the new generation combine with the rigor and experience inherited from previous generations. Specially dedicated to the creation and construction of chairs and other “places to sit”, Lugar Sentado provides the professional, catering and catering markets and, privately, nationally and internationally, a complete range of models that are distinguished, strong concern with the modern design, quality of construction and finishes. This allows you to provide the customer with a precious lifetime warranty on their products. In addition, the attractiveness of the prices practiced is another objective that guides the competitive position of the company, since always, aimed at solidifying the relations of partnership with the market and the customers.

Customized Projects

We offer a specialized and experienced team, decoration services and customized design projects.


We manufacture in our facilities in order to guarantee the choice of the best raw materials and the best development of each project.


We offer all integrated logistics operations, from transportation to assembly.